Folks in Louisiana walk for many reasons. Some do it because it is their primary form of exercise, as it is free and healthy. Many people use walking as their main means of transportation to get to school or work, and others just enjoy taking a stroll to relax. However, there is always the frightening chance of being hit by an automobile, and in fact each year more and more people get killed this way. But what is responsible for this increase in pedestrian accidents?

According to Time magazine, the number of people in the United States hit by vehicles on the roadways is the highest that it has been in three decades. In fact, between 2009 and 2018 alone, vehicular-pedestrian fatalities saw a 51% surge, with 6,227 pedestrian deaths occurring last year. Mortality rates these high were last seen in 1990. There are several theories to explain this enormous increase.

A rising number of people using cellphones for various reasons – including texting, surfing the web and using navigation systems – has contributed to a rise in fatalities, since clearly these devices distract drivers from focusing on the road ahead. Ever greater numbers of SUVs on the streets are another contributing factor. Most of these vehicles are larger and heavier than sedans, which means pedestrians are less likely to survive being hit. And, states that have shown the greatest rate of population growth interestingly enough also present with having the highest number of pedestrian fatalities.

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