Bicyclists and drivers in Louisiana have to be careful of one another. One of the most common causes of bike accidents is dooring. Dooring occurs when a driver or passenger opens the door of a parked car, resulting in a collision.

Often, bicyclists wind up stuck between moving traffic and the parked vehicles. Bike lines do not allow much room between the flow of traffic and the cars on the side of the road. One way that a person can avoid striking a cyclist is through not reaching for the door with the hand closest to it. It is better to reach with the opposite hand because it forces the person to look at any bicycles or cars that may pass. Woman’s Day explains that this is the Dutch Reach, a popular move from the Netherlands.

Cycling Weekly suggests that a cyclist can avoid dooring through cycling further into the road when passing parked cars. On one hand, this lowers the risk of colliding with the door. Another benefit is that it puts the bicyclist among other cars. Most often, a person in a car will look for other drivers to avoid an accident.

To drive in the center of the line is to take an assertive position or the primary position. If traffic is moving slow and a person does not have to worry about the traffic overtaking the bicycle. It can also help bicyclists to keep an eye on traffic on the shoulder. Look for cars that recently parked or that have hazard lights. If it is night, then bicyclists can use a light to ensure that drivers can spot them.