Rental scooters are on the rise in major cities including in Louisiana. New Orleans residents and tourists can benefit from the ease of getting around town. However, many of these scooters result in accidents. 

Reuters detailed the effect drugs and alcohol affect scooter riders. Since 2017, injury rates have climbed based on studies done in California. These studies found that young men were largely the ones seen in the emergency room with the majority failing to wear a helmet. 

Patients experienced forearm, leg or ankle fractures. Concussions, facial fractures and intracranial hemorrhages quickly followed for common injuries. Many of those in the hospital had mild-altering substances or alcohol in their systems, but the study only looked at acute trauma centers. 

Business Insider emphasizes the impact scooters have had on safety regulations. The convenient rides have launched faster than most cities can keep up. Unfortunately, assessing the full impact of injuries from electric scooters. 

Scooters have been at fault for at least four fatalities. For example, one rider collided with an Uber driver because the rider was on a busy street traveling in the wrong direction. In some areas, helmets are no longer a requirement for scooter riders, but it is still a recommended safety plan by the manufacturers. 

In 2018, about 1,545 electric scooter-related accidents occurred, but those are only the ones reported to emergency rooms. The scooter companies are vying for market share currently with ride-share companies to help people move around busy metropolitan areas such as New Orleans. The growing interest in electric scooters may bring additional injury data to light for better safety regulations.