Many cities within New Orleans have neighborhoods that are very pedestrian-friendly. While this is good for local revenue, and also ensures convenient access to many fun and exciting activities, pedestrians also face risks of being involved in a car accident. While it is up to drivers to watch for foot traffic and take the proper precautions to prevent crashes, pedestrians should also strive to reduce these risks. Here are some pedestrian safety tips to help you do just that. 

Always stick to the sidewalks while walking. Sidewalks are usually well-lit and keep you far away from any vehicles traveling on the road. In the event you encounter a street with no sidewalks, take to the shoulder and walk into the direction of oncoming traffic. Walking towards traffic ensures you can see the vehicles and that drivers can see you. It also allows you to identify any potential issues and take the proper action to evade hazards. 

No matter what you do, some roads may not be walkable. It might be difficult to cross the street in a safe manner or you might find that drivers are extremely hostile towards foot traffic on that specific road. You could also lack the room to walk in a safe location, which puts you at an even greater risk of injury. In this case, consider taking an alternate route to your destination. If a major roadway is impacted, consider reporting the issue to your local authorities. 

Nighttime is the worst for pedestrian accidents due to low visibility. Pedestrians can alert their presence to drivers by wearing reflective badges at night or by taking a flashlight out with them. Pedestrians should also be careful at crosswalks, especially those that are lit improperly. Never assume that a driver has seen you, even when you have the right of way.