A growing number of employees in Louisiana and across the nation are reporting allegations of workplace harassment and retaliation. When complaints go ignored, frustrated workers may turn to the internet to voice their grievances.

A popular ride-sharing company that provides car services for many Bayou State residents found itself in the midst of a major workplace harassment probe by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. After one of the company’s female engineers complained to the human resources department about her manager’s inappropriate advances, it informed her that she should expect a poor performance review if she continued working on her team.

The employee then published an essay online that detailed the company’s pervasive harassment, and it caught the eye of the federal authorities, as reported by USA Today. Instead of the employer fixing problems through corrective actions, the EEOC’s investigation revealed that the company repeatedly fostered a culture of workplace harassment and retaliation. The employer also engaged in wrongful termination involving 20 female employees who complained.

In response to the results of the EEOC’s investigation, the company reached a $4.4 million settlement and agreed to set up a system to correct its workplace conditions. The company plans to identify employees engaging in misconduct along with those managers who do not respond quickly to complaints. It will also conduct surveys and interviews to probe employees’ experiences of harassment and retaliation.

Due to the high-profile nature of the case, the company’s settlement with the EEOC may help bring changes to workplace conditions across the nation. At least one out of four female employees experience workplace harassment, as reported by CIO Magazine. The majority of employees, however, do not report an incident. In the case of a complicated issue, a legal action may help to resolve the situation.