Bullying damages morale at work and affects people’s performance. It can have effects far beyond the workplace by undermining your self confidence and damaging your relationships with your family and friends. It will definitely affect your home life or your social life. 

According to Healthline, you may not want to see your friends anymore. You may just feel that everyone is judging you and your biggest fear is going into work. You may try spend your whole day trying to avoid being alone with the perpetrator. You may think you are the kind of person that would not suffer from stress, but in the end you may have a sort of nervous breakdown. 

To tackle bullying and harassment, you may need to understand the different people involved in any situation and what they can do to help put a stop to it. The perpetrator is the person who is behaving inappropriately. The victim is the person who is on the receiving end of the behavior. The bystander is the person who sees what is going on. 

While it is true that some people who bully and harass know exactly what they are doing, some may not always be aware of the effects of their behavior. They may simply feel that they are a hard taskmaster or that they have a tough, no nonsense management style. This may not be how they are seen by others. 

The person on the receiving end just wants the behavior to stop, but may feel as if their voice has been taken away. They might want to avoid causing trouble or making a fuss. Or they may fear recrimination for speaking out. They can also feel that they are responsible for causing the perpetrator to bully or harass them in the first place. All of these things can make it hard for them to act.