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Car wreck, truck wreck or personal injury?

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The Law Offices of Desiree Charbonnet officially opened in 2018 and began serving injury victims throughout the New Orleans area. Desiree Charbonnet will draw on her experience as an attorney for more than 20 years, as well as her time on the bench as a judge for 10 years.


The law firm was founded to serve the clients of this region and provide her personal touch to evaluate client cases and needs directly. 

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Christen A.

I never could have navigated the insurance claims process without Desiree. They understood what I was going through and allowed me to continue my life without worry or stress. I will never be able to thank Desiree and her team enough.

Jacob B.

Desiree worked tirelessly to negotiate with the insurance company and got me all the financial compensation I was entitled to. She didn't let the insurance company give me the runaround.

Djuana C.

I feel confident with Desireeby my side. She keeps me informed every step of the way. My lawyer for life!

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