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A Caring, Assertive Personal Injury Attorney Ready To Help Motor Vehicle Accident Victims

Personal Injury Happens When You Least Expect​ It


The streets of New Orleans display luster and exuberance when the city comes to life – and that is always. Those streets often are filled with cars, trucks, bicyclists and pedestrians. At any time, though, these memorable scenes can abruptly shatter due to a motor vehicle accident.

A severe injury can lead to a lengthy hospitalization, mounting medical bills, pain and suffering, and loss of companionship. With your life at a crossroads, you need a knowledgeable, caring and assertive personal injury attorney.  Desi knows and cares about New Orleans and its people.

Experienced, Ready To Take On Negligent Parties​

An attorney for more than 20 years and a municipal judge for 10, Desi was born and raised in New Orleans. With deep family ties in the community, Desi understands what you may be experiencing after an injury in a motor vehicle accident. She will aggressively go after the negligent parties who often are speedy, reckless, distracted and under-the-influence drivers.

Desi will protect your rights, provide thoughtful and personal service, and represent you to the best of her abilities.


She has helped clients injured in:

  • Car accidents

  • Motorcycle accidents

  • Bicycle and pedestrian accidents

  • Trucking accidents

  • Rideshare accidents

You will gain peace of mind knowing that Desi will oversee all aspects of your case, ensuring that you can focus on a healthy and stable recovery.

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