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The Law Offices of Desiree Charbonnet Launches Hurricane Help Now Website

In order to help communities impacted by Hurricane Laura, the Law Office of Desiree Charbonnet has launched a new website to address the needs of people who have been impacted by home and property losses relating to storm damage.

The new website allows users to quickly get in touch with Desi and fill out a form to begin the process to get their lives back in order.

"I know exactly what it is like to deal with hurricane recovery issues relating to storm damage," said Desi Charbonnet. "My family home was practically submerged in Hurricane Katrina and we learned tons of lessons dealing with our own personal experience and in representing others. Our goal is to use that experience to help others during their time of need and recovery. Getting your house and property back when you've lost everything is stressful enough to then have to fight with an insurance company that you pay for protection. We eliminate the need for a fight and take the fight to the insurance company. Once they know they are dealing with someone who deals with insurance companies daily, the tune changes and recovery begins."

For more information, go to the new website to learn more:


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