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Fighting for Victims of Workplace Sexual Misconduct

Understanding and Compassion


For untold decades, subtle and obvious instances of sexual misconduct have existed in the workplace. Look at any industry from retail, restaurant, health care, hospitality and manufacturing, and you will find examples. Women often seem to be the target, and management either looks away or tolerates sexual misconduct. No more.

Workplace sexual misconduct is against the law. You don’t deserve to be a victim. But what you do deserve is a compassionate, understanding and fearless attorney who will aggressively battle companies that turn a blind eye to sexual harassment and the assailant who attacked you. Desi can help you.

Injuries May Have Long-Term Effects

Sexual misconduct in the workplace can lead to emotional and physical injuries that may take weeks, months, years, or a lifetime to overcome. It may range from brutal assaults to ongoing harassment that affects your everyday work duties. A vicious attack can lead to lengthy hospital stays, rehabilitation, and years of psychological counseling. Harassment can linger in your psyche for a long time, shake your confidence, and turn you fearful.

A former municipal judge, Desi spent her time on the bench hearing a variety of cases, including those dealing with human trafficking and sex crimes. She has met with victims and knows their stories while advocating for and empathizing with them. Desi has helped them get on with their lives.

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